“Vitosha Clean Company” carries out professional environmentally friendly cleaning of homes and offices, including washing of soft furnishings and cleaning of all types of rooms.

To ensure high-quality, efficient cleaning we use advanced machines and a professional team who carry out detailed, high-quality services. Our team can carry out any cleaning service that you require, using machinery or manually, taking care of every detail to ensure that your exact requirements are met. Our experience guarantees you 100% satisfaction.

We use professional machinery and ecologically clean cleaning products. Our experience has taught us which methods and products are most suitable in achieving the best results.

Our cleaning services are carried out with certified, highly-effective and ecologically clean products that comply with regulations set out by the National Health Ministry. The ecological cleaning products that we use have a minimal impact on the environment as they are produced from biodegradable and organic components which are 99% derived from nature.

Our success as a cleaning company relies heavily on capital which we have invested in human resources.

We consist of a young team that has proved themselves over time. Our employees are energetic, motivated and trained professionals, which is the key factor and main investment for the future of our company.

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