Price of spring cleaning – 3.00 lv/sq.m

Price of cleaning after building works – from 3.70 lv/sq.m

Price of subscription cleaning – contact us and we will put together a special offer for service cleaning depending on your requirements.

Price of cleaning of vehicle interiors:

  • Car – 50 lv (includes seats, floor and trunk)
  • Jeep/Van – 60 lv (includes seats, floor and trunk)
  • Truck – 80 lv (includes seats, floor and trunk)
Prices for cleaning of hard floors Prices for cleaning of hard floors
Мachine cleaning of hard floors 1.20 lv/sq.m
Manual cleaning of hard floors 1 lv/sq.m
Prices for cleaning of soft floors and upholstery
Washing of soft floors (caprets, rugs) 3 lv/sq.m
Washing of corner sofa 55 lv
Washing of standard chair with backrest 5 lv/per chair
Washing of stool 6 lv
Washing of armchair 15 lv
Washing of sofa - double 25 lv
Washing of sofa - triple 35 lv
Washing of kitchen corner sofa 45 lv
Washing of mattresses – one sided 10 lv/person
Washing of cushions 2 lv/per cushion
Washing of mattresses – one sided 15 lv/two people
Vaccuming 0.50 lv/sq.m
Prices for window cleaning
Window cleaning for height up to 3 meters (single-sided) 1.50 lv/sq.m
Window cleaning for height above 3 meters (single-sided) 2 lv/sq.m
Cleaning of blinds 1 lv/sq.m
Cleaning of window frames 1 lv/sq.m
Cleaning of mosquito window net 3 lv/per net
Prices for cleaning of toilets and bathrooms
Sink 7 lv/per sink
Тoilet seat 7 lv/per seat
Bathtub, shower cubicle, jacuzzi 13 lv/per item
Comprehensive cleaning of bathroom 40 - 60 lv
Other prices
Cleaning of radiators 3 to 7 lv
Cleaning of doors 3 lv/per door
Cleaning of light fixtures 3 lv/per item
Cleaning of ovens 25 lv
Cleaning of fridge 20 lv
Cleaning of air conditioner 10 lv
Evening work 20,00%
Official holidays 50,00%


All listed prices are not final and can be increased or decreased depending on the levels of dirt and the requirements of the client.

Listed prices include TAX.

Minimum service price of 30lv.