Vehicle upholstery

We spend a considerable amount of time in our cars everyday, meaning that dirt begins to accumulate over time in the upholstery of our car. It is common to enter the car with dirty shoes and to spill coffee or food inside, leaving stains, dust and other forms of dirt on the upholstery. Therefore, we offer washing of the upholstery of your vehicle.


Where do we clean your vehicle?

Unlike typical car wash places, we can visit your choice of address. In order to carry out our services, we need access to electricity and a power socket, as well as a water source.

How are we going to clean your vehicle?

Before washing the upholstery of your vehicle, we will firstly vacuum and dust the hard surfaces of your vehicle. Then, we spray a cleaning product on the seats, dash panels and floor using an extractor. We use an ecologically clean and biodegradable cleaning product with a pleasant scent. The cleaning product is left to work for a few minutes in order to degrade the dirt on the surface, then it is extracted. This is repeated until the full removal of the dirt has been achieved.

How does your vehicle dry?

After our washing service, the seats of the vehicle are slightly damp. 8 to 12 hours are needed for the complete natural drying of the vehicle, or 3 to 6 hours during the hotter summer months.